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 Pusher Channels is an extension with a basic implementation of the websocket API from Pusher.
 You can send a message from a publisher to all connected subscribers.
 On the subscribers the message will be received in an OnNotify action, which means that you can build your own subscriber-functionality around the message.
 You can show the message in an alert or feedback message block.
You can also trigger one or more actions based on the value of message (for instance refresh a (part of a) screen, redirect to another page or logout).

How to use Pusher Channels:
 There is one webblock: PusherSubscriber, which should be added to the page/webblock where you want to implement the Pusher notification actions.
 There is one action: PusherPublish, which should be called when you want to publish a message to all the subscribers.
 There is one site-property: PusherEnableLogging, which should be set to enable/disable the Pusher logging to the browsers console.

In order to get everything working, you need to get an account (they also have a free account), setup your first application and fill in the mandatory input parameters of  the PusherSubscriber webblock and PusherPublish action.

You can test the extension by loading the following two pages and push a message from the publisher page:
 - https://dekkinga.outsystemscloud.com/PusherChannelsDemo/Subscriber.aspx - This is the current page, no need to link to this page.

If you want to help to improve this widget, please send me a message.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga 
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